(Work in progress)

School projects


Hello, my name is Folke.

I am an aspiring Game Programmer in Stockholm, Sweden, now looking for exciting job opportunities! 

I enjoy every aspect of programming but have a keen interested in; Gameplay, AI, Tools and Engines.

I have encountered and worked in various programming languages where C++ and C# are the ones I have most experience with. Of the two, C# are my strongest language, specifically with using the Unity engine. I have also C# experience from working on APIs and similar projects outside of Unity. My C++ knowledge is developed via various engines such as SDL, Unreal Engine, OpenGL and DirectX. But also during my time as an intern at Warpzone Studios, I gained lots of knowledge in C++. 

Throughout my studies, I've participated in several projects, some of which you can read about under Projects or follow the links below. During my free time I've also been experimenting and making smaller projects.